This is a collection of photographs ranging back to when I first began photographing with a 35mm camera in 1978. My first camera was a Yashica GSN rangefinder. I bought wide angle and telephoto adapters to give me more versatility. Shortly after that I traded it in for an Olympus OM1-MD which I had until the summer of 2001 when it was stolen. I shot literally miles of film through that Olympus and I miss it dearly. I first began shooting transparencies and I also developed all of my own Ektachrome slides.

Along with images exposed on 35mm camera equipment, there are also photographs made with medium format and large format cameras. I hope you enjoy each image as much as I do.

If God measured your life in the amount of sunrises and sunsets that you have taken time to watch how would you rate? To me, there is nothing more beautiful. Here are a few that I have taken time to photograph.

Frequent trips to the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park as well as other locations in the American West, insure that the photograher always has plenty of wildlife to photograph.

Powered by the wind, these pumps have produced life giving water for over 100 years and will continue to do so for another 100 years. Take a look at these American Icons!

Religion shaped the nation we call America. Right or wrong, it still takes front seat in America’s ideals.

Man Leaves His Mark
Can man and nature co-exist? Some say no. Step into my world and see what I see.

I don’t have many here yet but I will add more as I can.

Photos with greater width that provide wide scenic views.

These photogrrahs were made in various locations from the Gulf Coast of Texas, to the incredible red rock of the Canyonlands to the Great Plains.

Loved by women almost as much as diamonds. I photograph flowers in their natural surroundings.

How I Get There
How do I get to the incredible places that I photograph. No, I don’t usually hike and carry 75 pounds of camera equipment in. Take a look at what I’ve done to a perfectly normal pickup truck. You will be amazed.

Necessary for us to live as freely as we do today, Industry in America is struggling. See how beautiful iron can be!