Note: Prints are no longer available from this website.

Fine Photographic Prints – An Investment!

A Fine Art Photograph is not “taken”, it is “made”. You might even say that the photograph is birthed and then nurtured until it is full grown, into the final print.

As a photographer, I see things that captivate my attention. Then it is my job to put that image onto a piece of film and then translate that image from the film to the finished print. Ansel Adams used to say that the negative is the score that the photographer has written and the finished print is the conductors performance.

From the very beginning of a fine photographic print, QUALITY is an essential! All of my photographs are made with the finest of photographic equipment. Years of experience are factored into the equation to bring you a print that you can be proud to own and display in your home or place of business.

Because of the quality of these fine prints, you will enjoy them for many years and be able to pass them down as valuable family heirlooms! As with photographs from the masters; Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and others, these photographs are sure to appreciate in value over the years.

Surprise your loved one with a Fine Art print! They make great gifts!

No matter which kind of print you prefer, all prints should be cared for properly. Prints should not be exposed to direct sunlight, extreme humidity or harmful fumes from chemicals. Prints should be displayed under tungsten light and not fluorescent lighting.