Radio Controlled Aircraft

Welcome to my radio control page

To keep all of you up to date on my exploits in the RC aircraft hobby and RC flying in Salt Lake City, I have decided to start posting all of my news and comments on my new web log or BLOG as they are commonly referred to. This will allow you to see what is currently going on plus what has gone on in the past.

Panoramic Photographs of Model Airports

Utah Modelport. Elevation 4200 feet.


Bear River Modelers flying field in Evanston, Wyoming. Elevation 7000 feet. The day I flew here the density altitude was 9800 feet!


Desert Wings flying field at Price, Utah. Elevation 5800 feet. I flew here on August 13, 2005. What a GREAT flying field.


Propnuts’ flying field in North Las Vegas, Nevada. I flew there on July 23, 2005. Elevation 2400 feet.


McMullan Aircraft Design Venture

Click Here for More Information and Photos of the McMullan Aircraft Design Venture.

Here is a list of just a few of the radio controlled airplanes I have built:

3 – Sig Kougars
2 – Bridi Super Kaos’
House of Balsa P-51
Sig Quick Build P-51
2 – Super Duper Joy Sticks
2 – Sig Kadets
Midwest Super Chipmunk
Midwest Trainer
2 – Goldberg Slylark 56
Goldberg Falcon 56
2 – Lanier Comet II’s
2 – Great Planes Super Skybolts
Ace Pacer
Ace Biplane
.15 sized trainer
Hobby Shack foam trainer
2 – Pica Cessna 182’s
2 – Quickie 500 planes
Avistar ARF
Alpha ARF
Bridi Killer Chaos
2 – Lanier Comets

Don Piatt of Dumas, Texas taught me to fly. There is no telling how many people he has taught to fly RC airplanes over the years! Unfortunately, he isn’t able to fly any longer. He deserves some kind of recognition for all he has done for the RC sport in the last 30 years. He and I used to drive all over the Texas panhandle to fly our planes. Thanks Don and God bless you BIG!!!